The Funniest Mother's Day Gifts from

Mothers need to laugh too! That's why's new Mother's Day Gift section has tons of unique and funny gifts Moms everywhere are sure to love as much - or maybe even more - than their own children.

If there's one thing every Mom deserves at least once a year, it's a good laugh. That's why, internet retailer of novelty gifts and all things stupid, has scoured the web for the most unique, unusual, and smile-inducing Mother's Day gag gifts around.

This year,'s funny Mother's Day Gift selection include everything from wacky gifts like pickles and cupcake stuff, to wild kitchen gadgets and funny coffee mugs, all hilariously appropriate for any Mom with a wicked sense of humor.

Here are seven of the most stupid Mother's Day Gifts from, all of which can be found in the Funny Mother's Day Gifts section of the newly updated website.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug - Set the focus on this surprisingly realistic looking mug and shoot! Whether it's funky beverages, or just a jolt of java, the Camera Lens Coffee Mug is a great gift for any mom with a picture perfect eye.

Mop Slippers - With a new and improved design (not really!), these slip-on mop slippers will not only keep the floors clean, but have Mom looking spotless as well.

Wine Rack Flask Bra - Undergarments aren't a traditional Mother's day gift, but this funny sports bra that doubles as a secret pouch for alcohol is anything but traditional. It's also a cheap alternative to a boob job, and way more fun!

Cupcake Bandages - Mom was always there to bandage up those cuts and bruises! Why not return the favor with these cute Cupcake Bandages that heal while also looking delicious.

How To Keep A Husband Apron - With tips written all over it like, "Don't gossip over the phone", and "Watch one's weight", this classic apron is both sarcastic and straight to the point at the same time.

Pickle Soap - Relish the thrill of dill! Any Mom will be more than thrilled to receive this bar of fun bath soap that not only smells like a pickle, but will leave her feeling pickle-fresh.

Animal Crumb Vacuum - What Mother doesn't love to vacuum? Ok, we joke, but these cute little mini crumb vacuums, shaped like a Cow and an Elephant, make cleaning up after a big mess a lot more fun.

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