Carpet Skating" approved event in 2016 Summer Olympics’ in Rio

Posted by Poopy The Penguin on 8/9/2012 to Stupid News
Switzerland – After years of debating, the International Olympic Committee have added two events to the list of sanctioned competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio De Janeiro. Controversy has gripped the sport since it’s inception in1963 due to its unusual venues and sometimes-bizarre competitions.

The NCSA (National Carpet Skating Association) spokeswom=an Eileen Humphreys calls this “a historic day for the sport of professional carpet skating and decades of overlooked athletes.” Advocates for the sport began petitioning the IOC in 1996 after the World Championships held in Las Vegas, NV.

Many who attended the event recall that tournament as the turning point in the sport. Johan Vandenberg, 2-time All-Around Slamma-Jamma Champion recalls late-night practices up and down the halls of his hotel in preparation for his historic win over Allan Jenkins.

“After that tournament, carpet skating was everywhere” recalls Vandenberg, “you would see kids practicing anywhere they could find carpet; department stores, hotel lobbies, even outdoors on makeshift carpet rinks.”

Year after year, the IOC rejected the petition from thousands of competitors and fans alike. After the vote last Wednesday during a committee meeting at the London 2012 headquarters, the IOC released this statement:

“We are pleased to announce that 2016 that the IOC has sanctioned two events in the sport of carpet skating; speed skating at 500m, 1500m, and 5000m. Second, there will be a choreographed doubles complementation, paring the best skaters in the world. No longer will skaters require an ice surface to demonstrate their skill and athleticism.”

Carpet skating beat out a wide variety of other sports hoping at a chance of Olympic recognition including potato sack racing and planking.



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