Snowman Poop Gumballs
Snowman Poop Gumballs

Snowman Poop Gumballs

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- 6.6 oz container of large white, fruit flavored, Gumballs. Approximately 22 Gumballs in a case.
When you walk through winter wonderlands, take in the crisp, icy air. Feel the soft, sprinkling snowflakes on your face and the sparkling of ice on the ground. Wait, is that ice? Hmm, it looks like Poops of some kind. Snowman Poops! Snowmen gotta Poop somewhere and it's usually right in your walking path. Ever think you heard giggling in the snow? You did. There's probably a Snowman holding in tears of laughter when you stepped in his pile. Well, be a Snowman's fool no longer since we've harvested the Poops for your enjoyment (i.e. we have a factory of Snowmen forced to make them for you). So delicious, ripe, and Bubbly! These little nuggets taste like fruit and are as white as Snow.

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