Santa's Coal Bubble Gum
Santa's Coal Bubble Gum

Santa's Coal Bubble Gum

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ñ One mini bag of 2 oz. Coal Bubble Gum. Approximately a handful of mini pebbles.
Oh Santa, why you gotta tease us with your sack of Coal Gum? We know we were good all year and just wanna have fun. Everyone knows is up for jokes but this one is especially cruel. To be slapped in the face with a mini bag of Coal was devastating. The tiny black pieces come pouring out all over the place splattering the hopes and dreams of Christmas. But take one bite into these ashy tidbits and discover Santaís played a deviant trick. Who knew Santa had such a good sense of humor? Well, flying a sleigh around town does have to account for something. Coal can actually be delicious and enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages.

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