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Obama Nail Clippers

Obama Nail Clippers
Obama Nail Clippers
In Stock
More Info:
Obama Nail Clippers are probably the strangest thing we'd ever imagine to see at Stupid.com. I mean they're equal parts cool, disturbing, and useful. I mean all the nail biting, heavy-weight issues that face President Obama will literally have him biting your Nails. You can pass around your Obama Nail Clippers during every debate, every speech, and every election. Everyone can feel the tension that Obama feels every moment of the day. It may feel bizarre and jarring to open your bathroom medicine cabinet and see Obama staring back but at least you'll be reminded of the pressing issues facing the world and your nail hygiene. Obama's sure got the most bite of any former President and your Nails will pay for it.
Feature: - One functional Nail Clipper with Obama's Head per package.
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