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Mini Arcade Fortune Teller

Mini Arcade Fortune Teller
Mini Arcade Fortune Teller
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More Info:
Will I be rich?
"Does he love me?"
"Should I quit my job?"
"Can I have change for the parking meter?"
This Mini Arcade Fortune Teller can answer all of life's most important questions. It resembles one of those antique arcade fortune telling machines -- like the one seen in the Tom Hanks movie ""Big."" But this one stands only 7-1/2"" tall. When you pass your hand over the sensor, the crystal ball lights up, mystic sounds play, and the Fortune Teller answers your question. He has 25 different responses, and each answer comes from the great unknown spirit world. (or perhaps a microchip -- we're not sure)
- The Mini Arcade Fortune Teller operates on 4 AA batteries (included).
We'll make a prediction.... you're gonna love it.
*PLEASE NOTE -- MINOR FLAW The Mini Arcade Fortune Teller is very well made and works great. HOWEVER -- the light sensor that triggers the Fortune Teller is set a little too deep into the device. So it won't work in a dim or dark room.... the room has to be well lit. It's for this reason that we are selling them for only $9.99 -- More than half their normal retail price. "
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