Matzah - Toilet Seat Cover
Matzah - Toilet Seat Cover

Matzah - Toilet Seat Cover

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When we saw this item at the New York Gift Show, we could not decide whether to sell it or not. A toilet seat cover that looks like matzah is certainly stupid, and the embroidered phrase ""Let My People Go"" cracked us up silly. But was it offensive? We went back and forth -- It's funny. But it might offend people. But it's funny. But it's offensive. Funny. Offensive. So we did something we've never done before with a product. We decided to ask God. We went into a synagogue, held the toilet seat cover high above our heads and asked, ""God, do you find this Matzah Toilet Seat Cover funny or offensive?"" After a long silence, a voice boomed out, ""I find it funny. But I also find you incredibly stupid."" Why is that God?"" we asked. Because I'm not God. I'm Hiram Katz -- the owner of this deli. The synagogue is next door."" Though we felt like fools, we had our answer. If Hiram Katz likes it, then that's good enough for us. The Matzoh Toilet Seat cover is made from 100% machine washable cotton. It's elasticized to snugly fit most standard toilet seat lids. When your guests see it, they'll plotz! (fortunately, they'll already be in the bathroom)"
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toilet cover sale? get price right
You advertise this at 14$ on sale . I go to buy it and total is 65!????
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Reviewed by:  from florida. on 9/16/2015

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