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Love Rat

Love Rat
Love Rat
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There are a lot of ways to say, "I love you." You can give flowers or chocolates. You can write a poem or give expensive jewelry. You can even hire a skywriter to fill the sky with your love message. But there's one problem with all of these.... There's no way of knowing if she (or he) loves you back. EVERYONE likes flowers and jewelry, so you know the reaction you're gonna get. But what do you learn from it? Nothing at all. But give them something like a LOVE RAT, and you'll find out if they love you back in a split second. Just get down on one knee, say "Honey, I love you this much." And pull out a Love Rat. Watch her facial expressions. See if her mouth twitches. If she smiles and gives you a big hug, you'll know she loves you despite your awful taste in gifts. (If she vomits, that's usually a bad sign.) These romantic rodents manage to be repulsive and attractive at the same time. Love Rats are squeaky rubber rats covered in a delightful heart pattern. The bodies are about 4" long, but when you include the realistic rat tail, they stretch out over 10 inches! They come in two colors -- Red hearts on white rat. White hearts on red rat. (Our choice, but if you buy a pair, you'll get one of each. And you know how rats are... before you know it, you'll have hundreds of baby Love Rats running around the house.) We know they're not your "normal" gift. But if she wanted a "normal" boyfriend, she'd be dating someone else. ANYONE else, for that matter. And gals... this all goes for you, too. Plus, if you give him a Love Rat, it will greatly reduce the chance that he'll buy one for you!
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