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Hazardous Waste Food Containers

Item Id: HWFC
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Hey, Kids! Wanna stop the bullies from stealing your lunch? These Health Hazard Food Containers are just what you need.

There are three different containers in the kit -- Nuclear Waste , Bio-Dangerous, and Experimental Meal. These re-usable containers have danger warnings all over them, so you'd have to be crazy to eat out of them.   (which you probably are, since you're visiting this site)

You can seal the tops with a special dial so they won't open in your backpack. Also,  they're microwave safe. (That's right -- you can actually Nuke the nuclear waste container.)

So go ahead and eat out of your Nuclear Waste container. But don't eat too much, or you'll get atomic ache!  (Get it? Hey, stop making a face... that was a good joke dammit!)


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