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Golf Ball Life Vest

Golf Ball Life Vest
Golf Ball Life Vest
Item Id: VEST
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More Info:
Tired of sending your Callaways and Dunlops to the briny deep? Now you can save your golf ball... and possibly your golf game... with the Golf Ball Life Vest. It's a little orange flotation device, custom-made to fit over your golf ball. Whenever you're within range of a water trap, just slip the golf vest on your ball and swing away. If you should land in the water... and you know you will... your ball will stay buoyant and eventually drift to shore. (If it lands in a stream, you may have to chase it a little.) We're not sure how the rules of golf apply to this device, but it's okay with us if you swing at the ball while it's floating near the shoreline. Why lose a point if you don't absolutely have to. The Golf Ball Life Vest comes in the box shown on the left and even includes a real golf ball. Think of the money you'll save, and you'll be depriving those scavengers who dive for your ball after you've gone home."
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