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Crackheads Candy

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Crackheads Candy

Crackheads CandyWe love it when a manufacturer goes all the way with something. As an example, let's look at Crackheads Candy.

The candy is actual roasted espresso coffee beans, covered with delicious white and dark chocolate. Because there is an actual espresso bean inside each one, the candy has a hefty kick of caffeine.

So, the candy maker has this candy with an addictive ingredient. Do they name it something acceptable like "Choco Beans" or "Espress-o-riffic?" Nope. They name it after the most addictive drug of all time -- crack cocaine.

When we first saw Crackheads candy, we thought it was a joke. But after eating some, we discovered it is really delicious. Each box of Crackheads (we love typing that name) contains 1.3 ounces of Crackheads. The back of the box includes a diagram of a caffeine molecule, and boasts that espresso has more caffeine than just about anything else.

Is it addictive? Well, with the combination of creamy dark and light chocolate, crunchy tasty espresso bean, and caffeine kick, you're gonna find yourself craving more. We are happy to report, though, (as far as we know) Crackheads Candy contains no crack cocaine. 





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