Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight
Sound & Light-Effect Flashlight

Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight

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- One Flashlight per package, 3 light gels, 7 nature sounds with an interactive light show, and extra strong speaker.


- Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included).
Sometimes Flashlights aren't the things you grab when you're walking through a dark and scary basement. They can be a source of tranquility and entertainment. Enter the Tranquility Flashlight. This multifaceted Flashlight can brighten the dark in five different colors: white light, red, green (when blue and yellow combine), yellow, and blue. You can also activate 7 soothing nature sounds like: ocean, tropical forest, starry night, spring rain, wind chimes, north woods, and gentle stream. So now you can pretty much lock yourself up in the pantry and still create a magical environment instantly. You can imagine yourself on a tropical island in the bathtub. Picture yourself a Greek God in the heavens. Pretend your a person holding a Flashlight that makes calming sounds in the middle of your apartment. Oh wait, that's what you are. Well, anyway have fun with this Flashlight and let your journey begin.

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