Better Than a Boyfriend Soap
Better Than a Boyfriend Soap

Better Than a Boyfriend Soap

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Alright, it's Boyfriend season again and you're already over it. Instead of dousing yourself in perfume and lipstick opt for the more efficient solution. You can get all the support you need in a bar of "Better Than a Boyfriend" Soap. This extra fancy, gentle yet firm Bar of magic is your answer to the long, hopelessly romantic evenings waiting by the phone. Make hence toward the bathroom with its candles and warm towels abounding to caress your heart, body and soul with a real man (-made bar of Soap).\r\n
- One bar of Soap per order.\r\n
- White Tea & Rose Hips scented.\r\n
- Pure vegetable soap made of palm oil, coconut oil, water, glycerin, salt, rose hips, and fragrance.\r\n
- "Always good company."\r\n
- "It goes where you want it to."\r\n
- "Smells better too."

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